The first Ukrainian documentary, positioned as a part of a larger social project. The project aims to bring positive changes to the lives of thousands of blind people in Ukraine. With the means and the language of cinema we will show the daily problems of the blind people, and establish a dialogue about these problems within society.

A documentary aimed at changing lives of thousands of blind Ukrainians

About whom?


The movie is about more than 80 thousand citizens of Ukraine who either can not see at all, or have a profound visual impairment.


They are of all ages, from all over Ukraine, they have different destinies and unique personal histories. They are united by one desire – to be able to be a productive member of the society.

Every year

3 000

people become visually impaired in Ukraine



The attitudes towards the people with disabilities since the days of the Soviet past are negative, they are treated like they are invisible to the society.


Infrastructure of cities is absolutely inaccessible for the blind people. Blind people are not provided with the conditions and opportunities to live a full life in the society. Unfortunately, blind people are unable to fight for a decent life, because the environment is unavailable and full of dangerous obstacles.

For whom?


For every citizen of the country, which won the right to be a part of the European space, where the main value is human life and dignity.


This film is for the government, businessmen, journalists, local communities and all who are not indifferent, and who can make decisions and actions that will improve lives of blind people.

The Aim Of The Film


To help solve the daily problems of the blind people by showing their real life.



About The Film


This documentary is a piece of art but at the same time it is an effective tool of achieving social changes.


Timing: 90 minutes.




Dmytro has lost his sight at war in Donbas due to a mine burst out. He is a professional military. A sapper. He used to serve in Iraque. It is a horrible thing for avarrior to lose his sight. It is even humiliating, as now he has become defendless and even vulnerable. But mainly because he is now quite unwanted by his motherland.


It seems to Dmytro that his life is over with. But it is not in the least so. At least that's what Denys believes. He helps Dmytro to get used to new life in darkness. Denys occasionally lost his vision in childhood. But despite this he managed to graduate from the university, master foreign languages and work over the Internet. He earns quite reasonable money.


One blind man helps the other. Each one of them has got his own history. But the faith brought them together in order to help Dmytro get used to new reality. In ordere to go on with his life he still has got to learn a lot.



Project Uniqueness


This is going to be the first Ukrainian documentary, entirely adopted for the blind people.


For the first time in Ukraine the documentary will be developed applying the technology of audio commenting.



Sound peculiarities


The sound will be recorded with application of DOLBY DIGITAL 5:1 technology. This will allow to communicate the peculiarities of a blind man’s comprehension of the world. Such people comprehend the surrounding space and events with the help of hearing.

The Social Component


The project seeks to involve the society into the dialogue aimed at developing proper conditions, which would allow to include visually impaired people into the active life of the society.



Our Team

Режисер: Сергій Волков


Serhii Volkov


Maksym Rudenko


Dmytro Skripka

Executive producer

Viktoria Glazova

Producer (Ukraine):

Halyna Kryvorchuk

Producer (Sweden):

Alex Shiriaieff


Andy Kozlov


Max Deyneka


Volodymyr Runchak

Assistant director:

Alina Kossonovych

Filming proces


Support us


We believe that this story will show that events in our country depend on us, and that the changes we seek, we must make together. That is why we urge you to join the social project, which includes our film, to make together with us the lives of people, deprived of happiness to see, better.


Any of your help and support is important to us.


How to join


— To support the film financially


— To volunteer in the project by becoming a part of out team


— To find time and possibility for a regular volunteer help to the blind people, to find out where you could be helpful


— To defend the rights of the blind people on your own level, to communicate with them, to break down stereotypes, to help the blind people to integrate into society

Our partners



Rehabilitation centre of the Ukrainian Association of the Blind



+38 050 303 87 21

+38 098 502 64 65